Shabbat Prayers at 21 Betar Street

Prayer schedule:

Friday, July 31

Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat      19:25    

20 minutes after Candle lighting

Shabbat, August 1

Shacharit                  09:00

Mincha                   18:30

Please call Tsafy at 050-214-8819 for further information.

The Shull interest free Funds

We are reminding to anyone who needs some financial assistance, that our Fund is aimed at members of our Shul. Please contact Tsvika Kanarik, Yossi Zafrani or Tamar Wolf.

Mazal Tov

Ì To Yair and Dalit Gacohen on the birth of a granddaughter

Ì To Avi Gadon on his 70th birthday


The community wishes to convey its condolences tos our member Dalit Hacohen on the death of her mother Yehudit Zigler Z"L, who was herself  our member for about 50 years.

Digital receipts

We are pleased to announce that as from this week, who ever gives a donation and gives us his e-mail address or hos telephone number, will be able to receive a digital receipt. Nowadays it helps a lot.

Torah Study for children in the summer 26-7-2020 to 1-9-2020

A children's study group in the afternoons will start next week .

Local teachers will tutor the children as follows:

Sunday at 17:00         Mishna                        for graduates of 2nd to 4th grade               with Tsiki Maron       

Monday at 17:00        Daf Yomi                           for graduates of 1st to 3rd  grade          with Arik Golomb

Tuesday at 17:00        Mishna                              for graduates of 5th to 7th grade           with Assaf Rosen-Zvi       

Thursday at 17:00      Parashat Shavua         for graduates of 1st to 3rd  grade          with Gili Katz

Thursday at 17:00      Daf Yomi                           for graduates of 1st to 3rd  grade          with Arik Golomb

For details please call Gili on 0542-593-212

Aric's lessons can be found on:

Registration form can be found on:

A special Event: Star observation at night – 24.8.2020

On Monday 24.8.2020, in the evening we will go out to observe the stars with professional telescopes at eh Mitspe Massua in Emeq Ha'Ella. The guide will be Moshe Glanz, a member of the Israeli Astronomy Association.

A bus will leave Jerusalem at 18:34 and will come back at 23:00/

For more details and registration please contact our member Shalom Pollak 052-235-2724.

The cost is 250 NIS if you go by the bus and 200 NIS and if you use your own car.

Classes in the Shul and on Zoom


In Shul:

Halacha classes                      every weekday between Mincha and Arvit

Masechet Sanhedrin             Mondays, 45 minutes before Mincha

Talmud class                          Wednesdays at 09:30                        by Tzvika Kanarik

Parashat Shavua                    Wednesdays, 45 minutes before Mincha

Gemara                                  Shabbat, 60 minutes before early Mincha

On Zoom:

929 Bible class - HEBREW      Sundays at 17:00                   by Tsafy 050-214-8819

Talmud class                          Wednesdays at 09:30                        by Tzvika Kanarik

929 Bible class - ENGLISH      Sundays at 17:00                   by Tsafy 050-214-8819

We are back inside the synagogue, BUT – Here are the new regulations due to the update of the Ministry of Health:

The new guidelines that allow congregations of up to 10 people inside and 20 outside require creative ways for the synagogue to find places for the public to attend the prayers, and for people to cooperate and to adhere to the committee's guidelines.

The new guidelines.

ü  Do not pray in one of the minyans on the grounds of the synagogue outside or inside without a mask covering your mouth and nose.

ü  When there are 10 people in the Main Hall of the synagogue, it is forbidden to enter the Hall. It is advisable to split into 2 minyans: one inside and one outside. Upon seeing that there are 10 people inside and if it is too late to split the quorum one can pray in the corridor outside the main hall (additional space). In the corridor there can be up to 9 people at the same time and no more! As we are limited to 10 people in the main hall -  do not sit with others in the same row unless you are a nuclear family!

ü  If there are more than 10 people inside and 20 outside, please open another minyan outside at the back of the synagogue with 20 people.

ü  If there are more than 50 people, the lower hall of the synagogue can be used. In all places, please keep a distance of 2 meters between each other.

ü  Regarding Shabbat prayers: On Shabbat Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat, both the early and the regular ones, the participant should be divided into at least 3 Minyans: in the main synagogue, outside in front of the synagogue and outside at the back of the synagogue.

ü  Saturday morning: All minyans (except 7:30 downstairs) will be at least in 2 centres: in the main hall and outside in front of the synagogue.

Following the split of the Minyans we need help with a few things:

ü  Volunteers who are willing to help us keep the instructions and split the minyans as much as we need. We need 2 volunteers for each weekly Minyan and for each Minyan on Shabbat.

ü  We have a severe shortage of Torah readers, since each Minyan will be divided into at least 2 centres and there are many regular Torah readers who are in a risk group and do not come to the synagogue in the first place, we need readers for Shabbat minyanim for the 6:00, 7:30, 8:00, 9:30. Minyanim, preferably 2 people in every quorum.

If you can help and read the whole Parasha or even individual Aliya please contact Yossi Zafrani.

ü  Your cooperation is essential! We must all observe the regulations! If you are told to pray outside in a certain place please follow the instructions. Don't be offended if you are reminded of the appropriate way of putting on your mask: just put the mask on your mouth and nose. Most important, do keep the distance between the worshipers, please.

ü  If there is no observance of the instructions, we will have to close down the synagogue!  We are sure that the public will obey the instructions of the Vaad and the Gabayim.

Rules and regulations to praying with a Sefer Torah

  • One must NOT kiss the Sefer Torah.
  • The Seffer must not be carried from one person to another.
  • Only the Ba'al Korei can take the Scroll out, handle it, roll it, etc.
  • During an Aliya, one must observe the two-meter distance at all times.


We ask you not to give tzedakah to outsiders who come to ask for it at the time of minyanim. We do not know where they come from and what their health is like. At this time of Corona, we should take extra care not to near people we don't know.



The Oversight Committee is elected by a general assembly of members, and serves for two years.
Its members are invited to all the Governing Board meetings. 
During their time in service they oversee the management of the association
and at the end of each year they audit the annual reports and submit their own reports.

The current members of the Oversight Committee are:

Danny Singer
Michael Rosenbluth

תמונה של הרב זמל

Rav Chaim Yehoshua Zemel serves as the Rav of the Talpiot-Arnona neighbourhood. He is a graduate of the Hevron Yeshiva and the High Beit Midrash for Rabanim Merkaz HaTorah. He received his Smicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Born in Tel Mond, to Rav Mordechai Zemel Z"l who served as that area’s Rav for fifty years, he was exposed from childhood to a wide range of populations and social groups.
Upon his arrival in Talpiot some 45 years ago, he did his best to enhance the Dati education here. At his initiative, the first neighbourhood Mamlachti Dati (State-financed Religious) kindergarten began operations in the Shul building, later moving to Kfar Etzion Street.
To fill the needs of both young boys and girls for quality social activity, a youth movement maintained both Shabbat and weekday activities in the synagogue building, until the Ezra youth movement began operations here.
To keep boys of Bar Mitzva age connected to the synagogue, he created for them a special Minyan on Friday night.
For many years he invested tireless efforts into building a Mikve for the neighborhood – which only recently bore fruit, to great jubilation and relief for its residents.
The Rav is close to the Ramat Rachel Kibbutz members as well as to all the residents of Talpiot-Arnona, secular and Orthodox alike, and seeks to engender unity among all of them.


A general assembly of members elects 7 members to the Governing Board every two years.
The Board members elect a Chair from among themselves.

Currently the members are :


Yossi Zafrani Président  
Dov Feldstern  
Tamar Wolf  
Avi Portan  
Dr Tsvika Kanarek  
Joshua Haruni  
Zachary Rothbart  



In case of the death of a relative, one can send a message to: and call one of the members of the synagogue's Governing Board (VAAD). Contact details can be found in the weekly update.

The synagogue provides all the equipment needed for the Shiv’ah )chairs, prayerbooks etc.). Contact details are in the weekly update.

It is also possible to receive meals during the Shiva. Please contact Tsafy Simons or Shoshana Glatzer with requests.


In case of childbirth, illness or a Shiva it is possible to receive meals.

Please contact Tsafy Simons or Shoshana Glatzer with requests.