Mr. Shmuel Safrai Z"l was one of the synagogue’s founders, and for many years he served as the President. He accomplished much of value to the community, but nevertheless remained a modest man. For example, at the end of the Shabbat prayers he would stay to pick up candy wrappers wrappings left on the floor. One night he was spotted on the roof cleaning the drainpipes in order to prevent rainwater flooding the Shul.
Among the roles he assumed was making sure there was a Torah reader every Shabbat, or a Shofar blower and a cantor for the Holy Days.
The home of Shmuel and Chaya Safrai Z"l was always open to guests who came to spend Shabbat in our community. For many years they held the Erev Shavuot Tikun in their house, attracting many participants.

In 2021, an alley named after him was inaugurated between  Beitar Streets and Korei Hadorot.

Ms. Chana Sifrai Z"l was Shmuel and Chaya's daughter and was herself a pillar of strength to the community: she gave weekly lessons to women, she initiated the Women's Torah reading on Simchat Torah after thoroughly studying the Halachic view on the issue - a knowledge that she then passed on to other women.
She started a class for cantillation notes for women of all ages and walks of life, that became Ba'alot Koriah (Readers of the Torah.) For over 30 years the women's readings are carried, on though Chana passed away more than 10 years ago.
Those who grew up in this neighborhood remember the children’s class she used to gave at 03:15 on Erev Shavuot (accompanied by ice cream and sweets…), at the end of which they joined the adults studying with her father Shmuel. They all then walked together to the Western Wall carrying a Torah scroll with them, in order to pray Shachrit at the there.
Chana also undertook the cleaning of all silver at the Shul (Torah crowns and “hands” [pointers], Chanukka lamps, Aron decorations, etc.) .

Yehezkel Ruchin Z"l, from Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, was the Shul’s GABAI for many years.



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