Memorial Day for Casualties of Israel’s Battles and Victims of Hostilities and Terror.


Liste des personnes tombées au combat et victimes du terrorisme membres des familles de la synagogue zal :

Shlomo Uman, killed in the Shlom Ha'Galil war, a cousin of Uriel Lavi and a brother-in-law of Shlomo Kahan

Meir Alpert, killed in the Yom Kippur war, a relative of Tsafy Simons

Avraham Aharon Hershler, killed in terror activity in 1947, the father of Israel Hershler

Israel Weiss, brother of dov Weiss

Ofir Hazan, killed at the age of 20, son of Sima and Avraham Hazan

Uri Cohen, son of Moshe and Shula Cohen

Shimon Levy, uncle of Shlomo Ben Ami

Dvir Yaakov Mor Haim, son of Ruthi Z"l and Avinoan Mor Haim

Baruch Nerdi-Zaafrani, killed at the age of 22, uncle of Moshe Zaafrani

Zvi Eitan Savir, son of Evelyn and Uri Savir, brother to Daniel Honigstein

The Fogel family: Udi and Ruthi, daughter of Rav Yehuda and Tali Ben-Yishay, and their children Yoav, Elad and Haddas, killed by a terrorist in their home in Itamar

Rahamin Zidkiyahu son of Channa and Israel and brother of David Zidkiyahu, Killed in a terrorist attack on bus no. 22

Channa Cassuto (daughter to the Yehoyachin House of the Zvulun descent), mother of David Cassuto, killed in the attack on the convoy to Hadassa Hospital on Mount Scopus.

Amnon Ruchin, son of Ya'akov Ruchin, cousin of Arie Burg and relative of Yaron Ruchin

Elazar Shlezinger, stabbed to death by a terrorist in Sakker Park, Jerusalem, second cousin to Uriel Lavi