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  • Minda and David Granevitz grandson, a first born to Naor and Yael


  • Shlomo Ben Amifor putting a shade over the back yard of the Shul.
  • Shlomo Ben Ami and Avi Cohenfor cleaning and washing the back yard of the Shul.

Yom Yerushalayim

Erev Yom Yerushalayim will be on Thursday.

Ì A special festive service will be held at 19:45.

Ì A special lecture will be broadcasted on Zoom at 21:00. The link  is קישור לתפילות הזום

Ì Festive services will be held on Friday morning.

Prayers at the Shul

  1. Prayers will be held at the back yard. At all-time entering the Shul is prohibited.
  2. The public must obey the Ministry of Health regulations and the instructions of the Gabaim.
  3. One must have the mask on his face and keep 2 meters between participants. There are marks on the floor.
  4. Only 19 people can take part in the Tefila at any one time in the yard. If more people come they need to go down to the park nearby or to form another Minyan at the square by the entrance to the Shul.
  5. Please bring with you a Siddur and a Chumash.
  6. No Minyans must take place by the Shul without prior permission.


We ask you not to give Tsedaka to outsiders who come to ask for it at prayer's time: we do npt know where they come from and what their health is like. At this Corona time we should take extra care not to be in touch with people we don't know.

Timetable for Zoom Prayers

These prayers will run but we might not be able to broadcast ther prayer from Shul unless volunteers will take on themselves to broadcast the services. Please contact Yossi Zafrani 052-650-6105.

The link to the Zoom Prayers  קישור לתפילות הזום

Other Minyanim in the neighbourhood

Since we can only have up to 19 participants in each Minyan we would be happy to help organize private Minyanim in the neighborhood.

An example for such a minyan will be this Shabbat at 21 Betar Street (corner of 5 Klozner St.).

Friday night    Kabalat Shabbat          19:05

Shabbat          Shacharit                     09:00

                         Mincha                          18:30

There is a Seffer Torah at that Minyan and all rules as mentioned above apply here. As number of participants is limited please "reserve your seat": 050-214-88-19 (Tsafy)

Rules and regulations to praying with a Seffer Torah

  • One must NOT kiss the seffer Torah
  • The Seffer must not be moved from one person to another
  • Only the Ba'al Kore takes the Scroll out, handles it, rolls it etc,
  • During Aliya one must keep the 2 meter distance at all times.

Classes on Zoom

Sundays at 17:00  there is a 929 Bible class.              For details call Tsafy 050-214-88-19

Wednesdays at 09:30 there is a Talmud class. For details call Tsvika 052-429-4063

The link to the Zoom Prayers  קישור לתפילות הזום

About us

The Beit HaMidrash HaGadol Tiferet Israel, named after Shai Agnon, is the main synagogue of the Arnona-Talpiot neighborhood.
This is a living example of Am Yisrael:
young and old, veterans and new immigrants, Charedi and Dati and traditional Jews
all pray together in the name of tolerance, mutual respect, the love of and the belief in G-d and in the unity of Klal Yisrael.


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Our Classes


Every day there is a choice of classes at the Shul:

Gemarah, Torah, Halacha and more.


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The Mle'im Ziv Library 

There are more than 5,000 volumes
available to the public. 
The library is accessible whenever the synagogue is open.


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Youth and Children


On Saturday mornings at 09:30
there is a service for children ages 4 to 8.