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the mle'im ziv library


The History of the Library

Startiing in the early 70s, two kindergarten classes operated on the lower floor of the Shul, at the initiative of parents in our Shul, among them Dr. Yair Barkai, who lobbied the Municipality for their establishment.
In 2000 after a new building was provided to the kindergarten, the synagogue Board headed by Dr. Shlomo Alon decided to renovate the larger of two rooms, as a space for Kiddushim. In 2003 this room became the site for a third Minyan. The smaller room remained purposeless, and was occasionally used to store extra furniture.

In 2005 Dr. Benny Ziv came up with the idea to turn this room into a library. He saw it as a “diamond in the rough”, and commenced “polishing” it. A psychologist by training, an amateur carpenter and a seeker of challenges, his initiative soon acquired “skin and sinews”. The room was cleaned, walls whitewashed and shelves built…

Early on, skeptics – both on the Board and among the members – feared that the “initiator” would waste his time and money, that no one would use the library. Their doubts proved to be false. The then Board Chair Moshe Zaafrani was an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative, and successfully deflected all counter-arguments. Legitimate issues were raised by Board members: What kind of books would be in the library? Who will supervise their content? What would guarantee that undesirable groups would bring books into the library that are counter to the Shul’s spirit? What would be the name of the Library? And so far and so on. HaRav Zemel also met with Benny, to investigate the nature of the books with which he planned to stock the library, and to check on his health after a medical event which cast doubt on his ability to complete the project.

The Library became a reality, and on one matter there was no disagreement: the name מלאים זיו (Mle’im Ziv – “Full of Splendor”). This idiom appears in the Piut (poem) “Kel Adon al Kol Ha’Maasim” ("G-d, the Lord Over All Creation") recited during Shabbat Shacharit. The idea is that each book fills its reader with splendor – glow - of knowledge and wisdom.

When the library opened, Benny Ziv gained the title of “Librarian”, and called on members of the community to donate books as well as money for purchasing new books. Announcements of the library opening were mailed to all neighborhood residents. The initial goal was to have 1,000 books, with shelf space for 5000. In 2015 the 5,000 book capacity was reached, including the very popular section for children and youth.

The History today

The library is a shining diamond, buzzing with activity:

  •  The library is open to the public at all times that the synagogue is open.
     Many members use it to study or to prepare their classes and lectures. 
     Every weekday Rav Guy Avihud gives lessons in Daf Yomi both in the morning and in the evening.
     On Shabbat, early Minyan participants come down after Shacharit to hear a talk about the weekly Torah portion. 
     Many participants of the third Minyan remain to study there after the service is over.
     It is possible to borrow certain books for the period of about 2 weeks.


Catalog of books


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